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Take a concept from design to product
Designing and creating your product need not be difficult. At Orion Engineering we can design and advise at every stage in the development of your product.
Looking for assistance with approval authorities?
Looking for assistance with approval authorities?
At Orion Engineering, we can guide you through submissions to approval authorities, ensuring your product passes the quality testing
Struggling to find suitable test facilities or materials?
Struggling to find suitable test facilities or materials?
We can help you source exactly what you need locally to your business


Design & Draughting

Design Engineering is what we do best; we can produce designs and 3d models for a wide variety of customers and industries. We have designed various items such as globe valves, ball valves, air eliminators, pressure reducing valves, safety valves, ancillary samplers for mass spectrometers, production fixtures and tooling for clients. We are also able to transfer existing mechanical, electrical and other drawings to either 2D design or 3D design models and drawings and can also check drawings. Upon request we are also able to provide models and illustrations of the completed work for marketing materials.

Plastic Moulding Design

We design plastic items, fittings and components including gas and electricity meter boxes.

Finite Element Analysis

We analyse components and/or assemblies as required by clients to optimise products.

Water Regulations Advisory Scheme

We collect information and assist clients in applying for the approvals with the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme.

Pressure Equipment Directive Approval

We collect information and facilitate clients in applying for approvals with the Pressure Equipment Directive.

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Example Work

Turbine assembly drawing
Turbine assembly model
Turbine assembly FEA

MMAS, Making Material Analysis Simple!


The initial customer request was to find a cost effective method of analysis for primarily foundry samples, but also bar stock and components, that could be used on various metals, onsite, quickly, accurately, with minimal preparation, by anybody without separate material samples.

After looking around on the market, there was nothing suitable that met all the requirements.  So I started the journey the company is now on, working with the University of Huddersfield to create a solution and a usable product.

Overview of the Solution

Based on low vacuum X-Ray technology, the instrument is mobile (handheld), with a patent filed and pending.

It will be able to read most elements, from atomic number 3 to 83 and therefore useful to anybody that requires an on the spot material analysis.

Instrument Overview

To Make Material Analysis Simple, contact Paul Gater on 07944883755 or email for further details, or use the contact page. Thank you.

From Concept to Use in Action

This is a small demonstration of what can be done with 3D printing.  Wild Films Ltd needed an attachment to fit a reflex focusing sight onto their camera to assist with capturing fast moving objects and animals in the frame.  After trying some concepts in wood, they then approached ourselves to model and refine the concept with a view to getting it 3D printed.

The concept was designed in Autodesk Inventor and an stl file was exported from the model to send to a 3D printer. Once the 3D printer had finished, it was then sprayed black to fit in with the rest of the equipment - as can be seen in the 3rd image where it is fully attached to the camera handle. A picatinny rail was mounted to the top of the component to allow quick release of the reflex sight when storing the camera.

Below are images of each stage of the component's design and creation.

Concept of Camera Sight Adaptor in Inventor
3D Model of the Camera Sight Adaptor
Actual 3D printed component.
Actual 3D printed component as received.
Sprayed black and fitted!
The component sprayed black to blend in.

3D printing is ideal for this sort of work, although like anything else it has it's limitations. Thanks to Wild Films Ltd for allowing this widget to be discussed.


Orion Engineering Trophy

In 2011 we began sponsoring a tournament at Cheshire Polo Club, the Orion Engineering Ltd Trophy. This is an annual tournament with the Polo Club and we have successfully run this event over the past few years. It is intended to be a thank you to clients, family and friends, and a fun event. 

We commissioned the trophy and subsequent prizes for the winners from Jennifer Gater, a traditionally trained wood carver who uses antique hand tools to carve rocking horses, clocks and other pieces, as well as restoring rocking horses.

From 2013 onwards we have also commissioned photographs of the event from Wild Films Ltdwho cover the action of the polo, polo presentations and portraits of guests for us.

Orion Engineering Polo 2016 Action
Orion Engineering Polo Trophy
Orion Engineering Polo Presentation 2016


Paul Gater

Paul Gater

Managing Director

Orion Engineering Ltd was founded in January 1997 by Paul Gater, a member of the IET who is also listed with the Engineering Council as an Incorporated Engineer.  To aid engineering research work, joined the Institute of Physics as a member.

Utilising his experience in engineering and business, the company has been able to provide design and development engineering services to a wide range of clients in various industries. Flexibility in providing solutions for clients is key to Orion Engineering, ensuring that the service each client receives is bespoke. Every client can be assured of confidentiality and discretion throughout the duration of the project.

Paul began in engineering at Foden’s in 1973, where he was a craft apprentice and later a technician apprentice, finishing with an HNC in Mechanical Engineering. After finishing his apprenticeships with Foden’s, Paul became a Production Planning Engineer at their site in Sandbach, Cheshire, where he was responsible for designing jigs, fixtures, toolings and forgings. Further education in Business resulted in him receiving an MSc in Management Studies.

Paul continued designing jigs, fixtures, toolings and forgings for Donald Brown (Brownall) Ltd in 1981. After briefly working for RS Design Ltd in 1982 as a Methods/Estimating Engineer and Design Draughtsman, Paul returned to Donald Brown (Brownalls) Ltd in 1983 as a Design Draughtsman. In this position, Paul designed several items for use as laboratory taps, industrial fittings, valves and meter fittings until 1996.

In January 1997 he decided to establish his own company and founded Orion Engineering Ltd – and the rest, as they say, is history!


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