This is a small demonstration of what can be done with 3D printing.  Wild Films Ltd needed an attachment to fit a reflex focusing sight onto their camera to assist with capturing fast moving objects and animals in the frame.  After trying some concepts in wood, they then approached ourselves to model and refine the concept with a view to getting it 3D printed.

The concept was designed in Autodesk Inventor and an stl file was exported from the model to send to a 3D printer. Once the 3D printer had finished, it was then sprayed black to fit in with the rest of the equipment - as can be seen in the 3rd image where it is fully attached to the camera handle. A picatinny rail was mounted to the top of the component to allow quick release of the reflex sight when storing the camera.

Below are images of each stage of the component's design and creation.

Concept of Camera Sight Adaptor in Inventor
3D Model of the Camera Sight Adaptor
Actual 3D printed component.
Actual 3D printed component as received.
Sprayed black and fitted!
The component sprayed black to blend in.

3D printing is ideal for this sort of work, although like anything else it has it's limitations. Thanks to Wild Films Ltd for allowing this widget to be discussed.

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