Turbine assembly FEA

Finite Element Analysis

This is a scalar value of stress that can be computed from the Cauchy stress tensor. In this case, a material is said to start yielding when the von Mises stress reaches a value known as yield strength. The von Mises stress test is used to predict yielding of materials under complex loading from the results of uniaxial tensile tests.

Turbine assembly model

3D Modelling

3D models can be created from drawings constructed in AutoCAD software. These allow visual representations of the product to be accurately determined and can be used for models determining the success of the product under various stresses and the potential life span of it’s component parts.

Turbine assembly drawing

2D Draughts

Draughting is now more precise than ever, thanks to computer software. We can accurately produce scaled drawings of products or check drawings you have had produced before proceeding to convert to a 3D model. From here you can be confident that your product will be successfully manufactured.