3D Modelling

Our services include 3D Modelling, we can create 3D models of ideas and products from samples, sketches and existing paper drawings.  For example the 3D Modelling file can be used to 3d print a physical model (see From Concept to Use in Action).     Almost as a byproduct, 2D drawings can be created for production use at the end of the process.  Finite element analysis can be used where required. We use Autodesk software, so files can be supplied in Autocad, Inventor, dwf or plain pdf format.

Engineering Design Services :- Take a concept from design to product!
To obtain further information on the full range of Engineering Design Services offered, please see the website.  Not so obvious services are undertaken at the clients’ request. This includes finding suitable test facilities, sourcing hard to find materials and  assistance with Approval Authorities where appropriate.  Examples of work done also include production tooling and fixtures.  Market research is also undertaken on behalf of clients.  This includes producing artwork for product flyers to sound out the market.  All this is in addition to general mechanical design work including work on valves and fittings.

Interested? For your 3D Modelling and any other requirements Contact Us! for a free, no obligation discussion. The company is based in Nantwich, Cheshire, UK.  Thank you for your time.