The initial customer request was to find a cost effective method of analysis for primarily foundry samples, but also bar stock and components, that could be used on various metals, onsite, quickly, accurately, with minimal preparation, by anybody without separate material samples.

After looking around on the market, there was nothing suitable that met all the requirements.  So I started the journey the company is now on, working with the University of Huddersfield to create a solution and a usable product.

Overview of the Solution

Based on low vacuum X-Ray technology, the instrument is mobile (handheld), with a patent filed and pending.

It will be able to read most elements, from atomic number 3 to 83 and therefore useful to anybody that requires an on the spot material analysis.

Instrument Overview

To Make Material Analysis Simple, contact Paul Gater on 07944883755 or email for further details, or use the contact page. Thank you.

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